40 Day Rituals – 40 Days of Forgiveness Launch

40 Day Rituals – 40 Days of Forgiveness Launch

Within the realm of yoga and meditation, there is an ancient wisdom that states, “doing a practice for 40 Days will help one to break old habits which no longer serve them.” In other words, it takes 40 days to break a habit. At 40 Day Rituals, our mission is to help individuals release patterns that are not serving their authentic nature. Throughout the next few months, we are offering a specific immersion-style course focusing on forgiveness. This course utilizes the powers of a very specific meditation practice combined with  Ayurvedic rituals, community support circles, and the process of guided journaling designed to heal the heart. This state then allows oneself to enter into a state of forgiveness. As these are highly unusual and changing times, the practice of forgiveness could not be more important. 


The 40 Days of Forgiveness Immersion starts this Saturday, July 11th! We will begin our time together with a live zoom support circle to kick off these incredible 40 Days. If you have not joined us already, we invite you to be part of this journey. You can participate from anywhere in the world! We have formulated this course to be accessible to everyone at all stages of life. Whether you plan to camp and travel all summer long or stay home, you can connect and be with us wherever you are! 

In this immersion, you will receive

  • Guided meditation + Yoga + Ayurveda videos for your 40 Day Practice
  • Weekly zoom support circles with Onkar and Hari along with the 40 Days of forgiveness community 
  • PDF downloadable manual for the whole course 
  • Downloadable guided meditation journal for your 40 Days 
  • Access to the private Facebook group to connect with all participants as well as Hari + Onkar anytime
  • An incredible and transformational experience with community support 



“Through a deep understanding of who we are and where the roots of our pain stem from, we can move into compassion. Forgiveness is a step toward compassionate behavior.” – Hari 


During these past months where many of us have been in Isolation, or quarantine as most are referring to it, lends to self-reflection and self-discovery. This journey is often difficult at first as we may be confronted with transgressions we have done as well as transgressions that have been done to us. 


The darkness wants us to give in to these feelings of self-loathing or hatred, but instead, we can feel the feels, as they say, and still find a path towards new narratives and mindsets that lead to healing and growth, a path of forgiveness and compassion. 


Together, Hari Simran and Onkar Ryan have crafted a course that gently guides and encourages forgiveness. Join them and you too can reap the rewards of letting go. 


Our Mission at 40 Day Rituals is to help people create long-lasting wellness in a real and attainable way using the ancient teachings of Kundalini Yoga and the healing wisdom of Ayurveda. We provide a unique experience that helps to build a solid and stable foundation for optimal, long-lasting success. These rituals are designed for everyone to practice and incorporate daily, at any stage of life. We want to share these gifts and help support you to experience and live as your best self.

To register for the 40 Days of Forgiveness Course, visit 40dayrituals.com.