The Client

Atlanta Beer Bus owner, Travis Irions is a man of many talents. He studied business in college and went on to work in the banking and financial industry for ten years, but also has extensive experience in bar management. During his eight years as a Bar Manager, he forged strong relationships with distributors and vendors across the country.

Eventually, Travis would find a way to marry his business brain with his entrepreneurial spirit. After touring the breweries during a trip to Asheville, NC and observing how much joy beer brought to the community, Travis was inspired to find a way to infuse this same beer joy in Atlanta. Born from the love of beer and the city, Atlanta Beer Bus offers party shuttle servicing to the best breweries Atlanta has to offer!


How do you capture the fun and uniqueness of this brand in digital form? We figured it out through developing a brand story that spoke to ATL’s authenticity. This story led us to build a color pallet and logo that captured the overall spirit of the city which was implemented on tagline strategy, brand voice, business cards, collateral, the bus wraps, and the website which integrates with their third party ticketing and POS system. Since finishing the branding and launching the site, we’ve been supporting the occasional graphic though this client is very hands-on and we have not needed to do much!