CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Atheneum Collective

The Client

What The Brand Needed

Lisa Solomon practices goodwill and enthusiasm on a daily basis, so it’s no surprise the mantra for her brain child Atheneum Collective is “knowledge is power and knowledge shared is power multiplied.”

Atheneum Collective offers a customizable digital learning experience taught by industry experts, designed to enhance your education and career development at any level. With a course library that offers a variety of quick, easily-digestible online video courses geared toward hybrid-skill sets, Atheneum seeks to offer master courses to expand the knowledge of the advertising, marketing, and media industry.

Serving as a founding member of the Society for Internet Advancement (the first ever community dedicated to the buyers and sellers of internet media), Lisa promoted the internet back when you still had to use a dial-up modem. It was there that she helped form a community dedicated to establishing the internet as a place to reach and connect with consumers. Times have changed but a stagnant need is to stay current through professional development training and skill building. What better way to do that than to call on industry pioneers to share their expertise?

Lisa Solomon, Founder
The Challenge

What We Did

Atheneum Collective stands on the principle that in order to thrive, it is essential to continually learn, grow, and share our knowledge so that we may all rise together. To embody this mission, we showered this client with some full on brand love via our Citrine Branding Package for mega prosperity vibes. Atheneum Collective already had an incredible start on their brand story, so we jumped in to amplify the narrative by creating a gorgeous color pallet and reworked logo to help them #PowerUp!

Hope Creative created a slew of collateral including business cards, images for social media channels, production plans, and finally Atheneum’s website which was created as a learning management platform (LMS) in preparation for the master courses aimed at educating the marketing and advertising industry on a slew of topics from Digital Production to Cannabis Marketing.

For the master courses aimed at educating the marketing and advertising industry on various of topics from Digital Production, Influencer Marketing Roadmap, Fundamentals of Media Planning to Cannabis Marketing.

Did someone say video production? While Atheneum Collective’s first course, Winning More Business for Media Sellers was by an independent production company, seeing a need to have a 360 degree branded marketing program Hope Creative expanded their business model to include storytelling, content, and production with the help of some tenured contractors in our network and it’s been love at first cut ever since!

We’re still actively involved in the progression of Atheneum’s marketing efforts; with the monthly Oracle marketing package we work on social media and leveling up their website content with the overall goal of establishing Atheneum Collective as the go-to organization for online multi-media learnings.

The Results

An Elegant Overall Design