Betsy Metal


Betsy Metal

The Client

Betsy Metal’s style is as sharp as her clippers and as vibrant as her eye shadow pallet. With a vintage sunglasses collection and a wardrobe to match, there’s no way you’ll walk out of her salon without her fierceness radiating through you. Betsy’s passion for hair and makeup goes far beyond a fresh new look; she’s made it her mission to promote self care and is steadfast about helping her clients become their best selves with the confidence boost of a fresh new cut. Just ask our founder Sara Hope Smith, a loyal client and Betsy enthusiast (check Sara’s classic look out below!).

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We’d like to think our design prowess is as fierce as Betsy’s… so we used images from her Instagram and previous website to inspire the new web design. Palm trees, sunglasses, red lipstick, oh my! Betsy wants her clients to feel like they’re on vacation while visiting her boutique salon, so it made sense for us to create an island oasis vibe for her revamped website. Her logo already spoke to her brand story (isn’t her signature BOMB?), so we made sure to incorporate it as much as possible in the updated design.


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