LA-Based Law Firm Seeks Audience Research, Persona Creation, Social Media Strategies and Community Management

The Ask

Davtyan Law is based in Glendale, California and specializes in employment law, representing workers. Before the team of Hope Creative marketers came onboard, they had a website and were performing Facebook ads, but lacked clear direction on who their audience was, and how to advertise to them. On top of that, they were extremely lacking with their customer service, with a two-week average response time to Facebook ads, and their inline reviews. The goal became clear that we were to create the Davtyan Law brand with recognizable and approachable content, while increasing the volume of first time callers and improving online customer service.

Our Approach

We took a 360 approach which included audience research, persona creation, content strategies by platform and community management. We dug into the Davtyan Law client database to understand and define the ideal Davtyan Law client, then created key audience personas to drive the content strategies for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Next Door App, Yelp and Google. Our team created a quick response document, allowing us to respond to social media questions immediately. Content focused on educating the public on their rights as employees. Within two months we saw a 300% increase in web clicks to their website and contact form, much of this due to our Facebook & Instagram interactions.

Emily, David and the entire Hope Creative team have been great partners to our law firm and its marketing efforts. We have been working with this team on various creative executions, from Instagram posts, to social media moderation, to photo and video shoots. Team has always come to the table with fresh and interesting ideas and executional strategies. It’s been an absolute pleasure developing our creative assets with Hope.

Emil Davtyan, Founder, Davtyan Law