Marine Machinary Association
The Client

Marine Machinery Association is a community of current and future suppliers looking to expand their knowledge about the shipbuilding industry and aid in the development of its members by providing networking opportunities, online resources, mentor/mentee programs, and more.


Its mission is to support members through their careers, whatever point in their professional journey they may find themselves, with monthly meetings where Key Speakers provide important and topical presentations. Intelligence provided by leaders within the shipbuilding industry helps to educate while improving business growth. Marine Machine Association has partnered with influential companies, including: Hi-Test Labs, Appleton Marine Inc., Fairmount Automation, and Fairbanks Morse, among others.

Our Approach

Marine Machinery Association recruited our services to modernize its logo and overall brand identity, build a custom website, research its target audience to formulate informative customer personas and provide recommendations for its social media presence.


For its website, we utilized Squarespace to build a responsive and dynamic site. We needed to create a form that interested individuals or members could fill out to apply for membership. We also needed to build login capabilities so current members could access their account, view special resources, and have access to contact information for other members and event speakers.

The Marine Machinery Association’s original logo was difficult to read due to the amount of text present in the design. We cleaned up the overall design by removing the tagline, eliminating harsh elements, and replacing them with a sleek and modern design.


Additionally, we crafted an authentic and approachable brand voice inclusive of the mission statement, corporate values statement, verbiage do’s/don’ts, tone, messaging, and branded marketing copy to be used throughout the website, and marketing materials.


To see the updated brand aesthetic, make sure to check the Marine Machinery Association at!