Sweat and Co

New Branding & Marketing Campaign for LA-based PR firm

The Client

Sweat + Co is an agency PR and communications firm that specializes in helping agencies tell their story better and create a story worth telling. In their words, “Agencies can tell their clients’ stories with clarity and panache, but stumble when they try to tell their own.” Which is exactly why Jeff Sweat, owner, and founder, decided to hire Hope Creative to help rebrand the visual identity for Sweat & Co… he knew they needed outside expertise and perspective, to make this relaunch beautiful and effective.

Our Approach

We went for a fresh, current, and simple web page design focusing on their value proposition right from the getgo: WE CAN TELL YOUR STORY—AND HELP YOU CREATE A STORY WORTH TELLING. It’s not often clients come to you with a clear proposition on who they are and what they offer, but we love this statement and wanted to make sure it took center stage. From there, we focused on highlighting the work and what we call “Credibility” factors which are critical in any B2B website. And finally, we were ready to pivot when the stay-at-home orders went into effect and we built a very effective landing page, “Agencies in Quarantine” to help drive awareness and traffic to Sweat&Co’s new webinar series designed to help agencies navigate this new remote-working world. The press took notice….

Sweat and Co Desktop
Sweat and Co Mobile