Client Spotlight: ThinkLA Cannabis Marketing Event

Client Spotlight: ThinkLA Cannabis Marketing Event

We have been honored to participate as ThinkLA’s Cannabis Marketing Creative Partner in 2017, 2018, and coming up in 2019 – (join us on Aug. 14)! Each year, 300+ brand marketers, publishers, agency professionals, and adtech executives attend to learn about the latest cannabis industry rules and regulations, how cannabis is impacting wellness, what’s working and what’s not working for marketers, and how brands are building new, innovative marketing programs.

Cannabis branding is a passion for our team, and we were excited to be at the forefront of design and thought leadership around this dynamic industry.

Insight and Thought Process

Cannabis is a beautiful, colorful plant. When thinking about branding, we wanted nothing but bold, lively, and curiosity colors.

We also needed to factor in the design uses. Graphics needed to be eye-catching on digital and social media, while also providing a color-pop on stage. Stay tuned for this years designs as we celebrate Cannabis Marketing: From Bud to Bloom!