Hope Creative’s List of Magical Women 2.0

Hope Creative’s List of Magical Women 2.0

Hope Creative was founded on hustle, heart, and strong, fierce, females!

Although we aim to create magic for all of our clients no matter their gender identity, we’d like to take the time to celebrate some boss babes and woman-run organizations who have made it their mission to break the glass ceiling so that others can do the same!

Founder’s Faves

  • Amanda Marie – Ace of Wands Tattoo – Female tattoo artists are hard to find and Amanda is certainly a unicorn, inking incredible art and flipping tarot cards. Her work is sick!
  • Chani Nicholas – A student of astrology for  the past 30 years, Chani Nicholas aims to make astrology practical, approachable, and useful for all. She has been recognized in publications like Rolling Stone, The Atlantic, and Oprah Magazine
  • Chauncey Woods & Heather Young – So She Slays – What’s more inspiring than a blog dedicated to encouraging women to hustle to be their own boss? Head to So She Slays’s instagram for the latest on female empowerment.
  • Guru JagatRAMA Institute – A leading global figure helping to create and refine the new feminine matricharcal archetype, Guru Jagat founded a Kundalini yoga school: RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology.
  • Kelly Jackson – Sun Of A Witch“Where spirituality and humor meet on stuff you can buy…” Who wouldn’t want handmade prayer candles with their favorite celebrity on it?
  • Modern Mystic Shop  – A member of the Female Founder Collaborative, Modern Mystic Shop focuses on stocking products from family businesses, women, and other underrepresented groups. 
  • Paula Mallis – Wmns Space – We all value safe spaces, and Paula Mallis created one for women of any age through spiritual counseling, bodywork, massage therapy, podcasts, and women’s gatherings.
  • Roxelle Cho – Fused Hawaii is far more than a bathing suit site. Check out their website and you’ll see models of all different shapes and sizes made for women by women.
  • Seane Corn – Author, yoga instructor and activist Seane Corn and is known mainly for her raw, honest and inspired self-expression.

Incomparable Clients 

  • Andrea Saparoff – A legend in her own right, Andrea is a passionate composer dedicated to producing unique sounds that bring media projects to life. She is also part of just 3% of female composers working in the media, paving the way for other women in the industry.
  • Beth Pomeranz – Firefly Handmade* is the premier seasonal marketplace for high quality, artisan crafts. To purchase beautifully unique trinkets, view their market dates.
  • Betsy Metal – Betsy Metal Salon – Her cuts are as sharp as her clippers, and her style is out of this world! When you go in for an appointment be sure to check out her sunglasses collection… FIRE!
  • Bianca Grace – Hydro Guru** – Self described OGs, Hydro Gurus specialize in organic alternatives to traditional gardening including eco conscious products. 
  • Bonnie Tsai – Beyond Etiquette – Bonnie has always had a knack for making others comfortable and launched Beyond Etiquette to make etiquette training accessible to everyone.
  • Christina Stevens – Award winning filmmaker and author Christina seeks to awaken others’ inner power to ignite positive change as seen through her passion projects #Zapplastic and #LoveActivist.
  • Emily Holden – Jimella’s Bakery – Emily is a self-taught baker who took a leap out of a corporate career to do what she loves most: bake. Not to mention her bakery is a tribute to her powerhouse great-grandmother who “could bake like no one else.”
  • Hari Simran and Onkar – 40 Day Rituals – Our founder has a special place in her heart for these incredible yogis who seek to help all people realize their inner strengths through mediation and mindfulness as well as introducing meditation into her life and she is forever grateful!
  • Kachina Asher – Aloha Factor– Lives her business, illuminating beauty, balance, and bonding through her personalized coaching.
  • Lisa Solomon – Atheneum Collective – Lisa’s personal mantra reads “knowledge is Power and Knowledge Shared is Power Multiplied, so it’s no wonder she found Atheneum Collective. Through crowdsourced knowledge, advertising and marketing professionals can take engaging online courses taught by experts who are immersed in the industry.
  • Stephanie Cohen – Stephanie the Herbalist – Through defining what wellness means to you personally, Stephanie uses natural remedies to help you bring out your most powerful energy and amplifies it with her years of botanical experience.
  • Stephanie Nadi Olson- We Are Rosie – Starting in 2018, Stephanie Nadi Olson began We Are Rosie with the goal of supporting talented people, and creating a space where expert female creatives can be matched with companies in the marketing industry.
  • Susan Lee Colby & Kathy Sjogren – Grace Creative – Owned by two marketing and advertising experts, Grace Creative is a cheerful and relentless collaborative dedicated to meeting their clients’ specific goals. 

More Magical Mavens

  • Angelica Ross – TransTech – Equal parts actress and activist, Angelica found Transtech, a co-working, co-learning community dedicated to empowering trans, lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer people and allies with practical, career-ready skills so they can excel in their careers.
  • Brittany Wilson – Brittany is the owner of Brooklyn based design studio The Idea Girl, collaborating with creative women in business to tell their brand’s story through emotive design.
  • Brittany Engler – Relay Social – Brittany and her husband started their digital marketing company to help small businesses be seen and heard and ensure their success.
  • Dr. Danielle Canty & Natalie Elizabeth Ellis – Boss Babe wants to know what your superpower is. Danielle and Natalie created an online community to encourage women to work smart and hard toward their goals.
  • Denise Hewett – Scriptd – Dedicated to promoting diversity in entertainment through screenwriting, Denise created a space for writers to share their stories in a supportive community.
  • Emily Joy Johnson – Agave Social – A marketing professional obsessed with bringing people together, Emily began her marketing collective with the goal of boosting local businesses to their full potential.
  • Emma McIlroy – Wildfang – Men and women’s clothing aren’t necessarily cut from the  same cloth. Wildfang was created to make androgynous clothing for women of all shapes and sizes.
  • Freya Estreller & Natasha Case – Coolhaus – Best known for their original flavors with an updated twist, Coolhaus is the leading women founded and led ice cream brand in the country.
  • Jaclyn Johnson – Create & Cultivate – Looking to cultivate the career of your dreams? Create & Cultivate brings together 1500+ women from around the country to listen to inspirational speakers (Meghan Markle, Jessica Alba, And Tia Mowrey to name a few!) and learn tips and tricks from some of the most successful women in business.
  • Joan Ortiz – Limerick Inc. – Big on female empowerment, Limerick is a lactation company helping women lean into their careers post baby.
  • Kate Miller & Anna Duckworth – Miss Grass is an online magazine with the mission is to educate women about weed (the science, history, culture, and products that work best).
  • Kimberly Bryant – Black Girls Code was created to increase the number of women of color in the digital space by empowering girls of color to become innovators in computer science and technology.
  • Naj Austin – Ethel’s Club is a private social club that seeks to celebrate individual identities and experiences for all people.
  • Paola Mathé – Fanm Djanm – By empowering women to wear a bold prints, Paola seeks to help women to take “command of a room, laugh a little too loudly, and pursue their greatest goals.”
  • Reshma Saujani – Girls Who Code works to close the gender gap in technology by working to build a network of future female engineers.
  • Rha Goddess – is an soul coach who works to empower entrepreneurs to fulfill their passion and their purpose.
  • Robyn Exton – HER – Exton saw the opportunity to launch a dating app for cis women, female bodied folks, trans women, and non-binary babes. Now, it’s the largest lesbian dating app in the world.
  • Tarana Burke started the wildly popular #MeToo movement to support sexual assault victims.

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**We just custom co-designed the industry’s first subscription box for cultivation and are launching it this month!


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