CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Modern Trust Case Study

The Client

Modern Trust is disrupting the estate planning and tech industries with the launch of the first app of its kind. Think Turbo Tax for your will and trust.

Founder Dan Hales has spent 30+ years as a trust attorney, taking note of the inefficiency of existing trust and estate planning options. There’s the hard copy route, which can be easily lost or damaged in a fire or flood. Current online services only provide a way to create old-fashioned paper documents which still need to be printed so they can be signed. Neither of these options provides protection for personal assets; once a trust is destroyed, it’s gone forever.

Enter Modern Trust: a living trust to leave assets to your loved ones without going through public probate court, providing advanced technology that ensures your trust document is safeguarded, encrypted, and completely private.

The Mission

“You don’t have to be rich. Estate planning is for everyone!”


Groundbreaking innovations call for groundbreaking creative. The Hope Creative team pulled out all of the stops for this startup tech disruptor, including developing a new logo, company branding, targeted persona strategy via research and social listening tool, snappy copy and creative direction for the website, testimonials, and social channels. We also had quite a time filming with celebrity influencers!

Modern Trust aims to connect users of the platform and educate people on the need for financial planning and the ease of security of having a trust versus a will so we shot a series of education and testimonial videos at Vista Studios for our first round of production. Our second round of production was at Lance Bass‘s house.

Yeah, that’s right, we enlisted *NSYNC member Lance Bass to experience Modern Trust and tell the people why they should say Bye, Bye, Bye to paper trusts! We’ll admit, some of our crew couldn’t shake their inner fangirl (Emily), but Lance was the cherry on top of our incredible experience.

We can’t wait to see what is in store for Modern Trust. Follow them on their journey at, or on their Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.