Sinister Royal collection on display to all
The Client


When two thrill-seeking, gear-headed friends from NorCal set out to create their own unique lifestyle brand, the Sinister Kings were born. The label’s founding members, Jake Chenoweth and Mason Ramirez, envisioned their brand would serve as an open invitation to those who want to become a part of something bigger, to become royalty. With the design and production of a contemporary, alternative clothing brand, the Sinister Kings were able to accomplish this goal. The stylish, yet relaxed, branded apparel was tough enough to be donned while in pursuit of extreme activities but soft and comfy enough to sport while lazed about on a Sunday afternoon. The possibilities were endless. 


While formulating their brand’s aesthetic, Chenoweth and Ramirez continued to make time for chasing down their next adrenaline fix and participating in the extreme sport du jour. Once they felt the initial collection was polished and ready for distribution, the pieces, aptly dubbed the OG collection, made their debut. The OG apparel comes emblazoned with the brand’s logo and signature SK icon. The next line released by the Sinister Kings was called the Royal collection and came adorned with the brand’s logo and team mantra: we are royal. With the OG and Royal collections deployed to the market, the Sinister Kings have quickly defined their brand and identified royalty’s newest members. New apparel with new imagery is currently in the pipeline as the brand continues to expand!

Our Approach

Hope creative elevated Sinister King’s efforts by using the logo files provided by the client to extract a simple yet sophisticated color palette with the intent to highlight and frame the existing apparel. Next, we took advantage of the client’s highly-stylized professional photos to tastefully splash branded imagery throughout the site and build their online apparel store. By linking the client’s Instagram feed to the site, we were able to display even more lifestyle images in a fun, self-advancing carousel. (For a simple way to freshen up the pictorial display, the rolling images change as the client updates their Insta feed!) Lastly, we made room for upcoming growth. The brand intends to release additional collections with completely new imagery in the upcoming months. We’ve built-in the space to effortlessly exhibit the team’s next branding concept, and easily replace existing or outdated content.

Sinister Kings Hope Creative
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