Our philosophy is to honor and reward personal growth, for enlightened teamwork depends on the vitality of every member of the Hope Creative Family.

We are a small and scrappy startup – as individuals we are pretty great – but of course, we’re better together!

It is the soul of these people make the magic happen for our wonderful clients and partners. In order of tenure, meet the Hope Creative team behind the curtain:


Sara Hope Smith | Bio

Founder / CEO

Jasmin Mendoza | Bio

Web Design / Development
Abel Sila Web Developer / Designer

Abel Sila | Bio

Web Design / Development

Emily Joy Johnston | Bio

Social Media / Marketing / PR

Don Lupo | Bio

Brand Strategy / Photography

Rebecca Pomerantz | Bio

Strategy / Creative

Kati Brown | Bio

Operations / Business Development

Christie Evans | bio

Photography / Video

Aisha Miller | bio

Strategy / Creative

Kate Crosby | Bio

Photography / Video

Luis Gonzalez

Photography / Web Development

Morgan Barclay | bio

Founder, Claybar Productions