Hathaway Loftus

Hathaway Loftus

Storytelling / Video

Favorite Color

mint green ( PANTONE 351 C )

Favorite Instagram Pages

@abeautifulmess for super fun DIY’s  @travon for his wit and spot on rec’s and @smittenkitchen for her super yummy recipes

Spirit Animal

Penguin’s they are as clumsy as I am.

Dream Vacation

A beach under an umbrella drinking drinks with umbrellas in them while listening to live music.

Favorite Book(s)

“If You’re Afraid of the Dark” and “Remember the Night Rainbow” by Cooper Ed


Hi, I’m Hathaway!  I’m an LA native and I love music but don’t play any instruments, love to cook but hate to clean and I used to drink vodka but now I drink bourbon.  I’m also an Emmy nominated producer with tons of experience in all manners of production, from Studio based TV shows to Digital content and everything big and small in between

I’m a hybrid creative/technical producer with an eye for the details and I live to make things happen!  I am very excited to be working with the team at Hope Creative and look forward to all the magic we will make!