Rebecca Pomerantz

Rebecca Pomerantz


Favorite Color

blue (Pantone 640 C)

Favorite Instagram Pages

@busyphilipps (Stories), @oniceperspectives,  @wearequilt,  @weratedogs,  @femalecollective

Spirit Animal

Sea Otter

Dream Vacation

Hike the Inca Trail then fly to Costa Rica to enjoy the beach.

Favorite Book(s)

“The Poisonwood Bible” by Barbara Kingsolver


Rebecca is a digital content strategy and brand marketing expert who loves storytelling and community building. She is passionate about working with a diversity of brands to help define their voice and connect with their audiences. Over the course of her career, Rebecca has led digital projects for clients such as Mike Bloomberg, Bloomberg Philanthropies, and Southwest Airlines. Her specific interests include social impact, women in business, and startups. Rebecca holds a BA in English Literature from Hamilton College and starts every project with a focus on effective communication and storytelling.