CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: ThinkLA Cannabis Marketing

The Client

Hope Creative had the honor of being this year’s Agency Creative Partner for the ThinkLA Cannabis Marketing Summit sponsored by Hawke Media. We partnered with educational partner and client Atheneum Collective to produce all of the graphics and creative, digital, print, and even marketing for the event. This year’s look for a grown up, budding industry certainly sparked interest as we’ve been doing creative for Cannabis for the last 15 years (for better or worse)!

At the summit, Atheneum Collective expert Jim Baudino spoke about our beloved client Atheneum Collective’s Cannabis Marketing Master Course, a 35 video online course produced by yours truly, Hope Creative! If you want to learn the ins and outs of the Cannabis industry from an expert, #powerup and register today!

Event Recap

The speakers, the panels, the state-of-industry in cannabis takeaways, and incredible amount of information offered to the 420+ attendees was unbelievable. Hope Creative had a great day of insight and information and are thrilled to be on the forefront of this exciting industry designing creative and marketing campaigns for our partners and our clients in this budding industry.

ThinkLA’s Cannabis Marketing 2019: From Bud to Bloom provided the SoCal advertising community the latest information about the dynamic cannabis industry. With the legalization of hemp in 2018 and overall increasing acceptance, the cannabis market represents a huge opportunity for advertisers, agencies, and the marketing/media community; and California is leading the way. 

Brand marketers, publishers, agency professionals, and ad tech executives learned about the latest industry rules and regulations, how this is impacting wellness, what’s working and what’s not working for marketers, and how brands are building new, innovative marketing programs.



  • Jim Baudino, President, MERRY JANE Media
  • Kerrigan Behrens, CEO, Sagely Natural
  • Matt Barnes, SWISH
  • Luis Camano, Chief Creative Officer, Key Activations
  • David H. Dancer, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Eugenio Garcia, CEO, Cannabis Now
  • Shawn Gold, CEO, Pilgrim Soul
  • Laurel Gregory, Creative Director, The Hybrid Creative
  • Erik Huberman, CEO, Hawke Medai
  • Kimberly Kovacs, CEO, My Jane
  • Michelle Mabugat, Attorney, Manzuri Law
  • Ama MacDonald, Director,
  • Sheldon Owen, Founder / Co-CEO, Muncheez
  • Tracy Ryan, CEO, CannaKids
  • Cody Tesnow, CEO, Composite Agency