The Client


SE Wireless Solutions


Jason Dumas has spent over twenty years in the engineering industry. In 2014, he decided to step out and start his own company providing wireless services through founding SE Wireless Solutions. Through this company, Jason has serviced venues like the SmithsonianJohn F Kennedy International AirportMercedes Benz SuperdomeMacon Coliseum, as well as a plethora of others. SE Wireless solutions has also partnered with big time tech companies like BoingoQuantum Wireless, and Verizon Wireless.


Wireless Guardian


In today’s chaotic climate, it’s important to take the proper security measures to keep ourselves and those around us safe. Jason saw a need for increased public security through tragedies like the Sandy Hook shooting and over 2,000 mass shootings in the U.S. since. Using his engineering background and brilliant technical skills, he set out to develop the technology to provide top notch security to our communities. While working with the U.S. military in a joint effort with the Israeli government, SE Wireless Solutions was able to explore the ability of weaponizing an opposing solider’s radio against him by having it give away his position. Alas, Wireless Guardian was born; through the combination of signal intelligence video and both security and law enforcement, Wireless Guardian has the ability to vet everyone and scan for weapons of those who enter a coverage area through RF technology, facial recognition, and thermal imaging working as a layered defense network. With people like Senator James Talent, White House correspondent Christian Whiton of Banner Public Affairs, and entrepreneur Ben J. Dyer backing this technology, the hope is for all venues in the United States to have access to Wireless Guardian and keep the public safe.

wireless guardian
The Work


Hope Creative has worked with both SE Wireless Solutions and Wireless Guardian on creating brand stories that exemplify the true essence of the companies. We completed a full rebrand on both companies that included logo, business cards, letterhead, environmental design, and a website build. We continue to work with SE Wireless Solutions and Wireless Guardian providing web updates, email marketing, and social media. More recently, we’ve been working on heightening Wireless Guardian’s PR efforts to alert the public of this innovative new technology.

Press Releases


Announcing Wireless Guardian Sentinel!



Wireless Guardian successfully deployed its first active system for the 2019 Super Bowl in Atlanta GA. The Sentinel was deployed around an anonymous high-profile facility in downtown Atlanta and was in operation before, during, and after the event collecting live data.


The Wireless Guardian Sentinel was set up at multiple locations around an undisclosed location to provide critical intelligence for investigative and protective services over the festivities of Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta.


Dougherty County Courts look at Reopening


Flying Cloud Technology Announces Strategic Partnership with Wireless Guardian


Mercedes Benz Stadium Case Study


Wireless Guardian at WSJ Cyber Symposium